Our philosophy

Why are we called like this?

"Rabbits&Dragons" was chosen because it represents the diversity and uniqueness of each skin type. Although the skins of a rabbit and a dragon are completely different, both have their own unique needs and beauty that need to be cared for and enhanced.

Rabbits&Dragons was born in a dermatological practice, where we have realized the large number of people who buy skin care products based solely on their striking image or popularity on social networks, without considering their efficacy backed by scientific studies.

At Rabbits&Dragons, we believe in honesty as the cornerstone of skin care. We don't promise unscientific results or follow passing fads. Our goal is to create clean, effective and safe products that address the factors that accelerate skin aging, adapting to each individual's lifestyle.

We do not want to deceive with the hackneyed concept of "antiage", as we know that aging is a natural and inevitable process. However, we can help delay and slow it down. Our mission is to protect the skin of our users from pollution, toxins, cortisol, sleep deprivation, damage to the epidermal barrier, and radiation, allowing them to lead a normal life without compromising the health of their skin.

In short, at Rabbits, as we affectionately call it, we are committed to providing skincare products that are transparent, backed by science, and that serve their purpose of keeping skin healthy and protected over time.